Thursday, July 7, 2011

Written on the Wind (1956)

Well, the weather sure has been great lately! I've gotten some sun and some awkward patches of sunburn on my legs and feet, which means that summer is going well. Well, I could have done without the sunburn obviously, but it'll go away soon enough. I love swimming, wearing sun dresses, taking long walks and looking at all the beautiful flowers, trees, and lusciously green grass. I hope that all of you have been experiencing great weather!

Last night, I finished watching Written on the Wind. It's about an alcoholic millionaire, Kyle Hadley (Robert Stack), who attempts to cure his drinking problems by marrying the woman, Lucy Moore (Lauren Bacall), who his best friend, Mitch Wayne (Rock Hudson), is secretly in love with. All is going wonderfully for the newlyweds, that is, until Kyle visits his doctor and learns that he may be sterile. This news devastates him and throttles him back into his self-destructive alcoholic state. When Lucy, unaware of what is causing Kyle to drink excessively, tries to cheer him up by informing him that she is pregnant with his baby. However, Kyle's wild and promiscuous sister Marylee (Dorothy Malone) decides to stir up trouble by implying that Lucy's baby is not his, but Mitch's. This comment ends up throwing Kyle into a downward spiral of crazy emotions and rage; all he wants to do is get revenge on both Lucy and Mitch for their fabricated deceit. Will he succeed? Watch to find out.

I liked this film all right. The acting was over-the-top in some parts, but good throughout the majority of the film. I particularly liked Mitch because he came off as being very masculine, yet sensitive. He seemed to really care for Lucy. Kyle and Marylee annoyed me for the majority of the film. Stack did a wonderful job at portraying a pathetic wealthy alcoholic. Malone's character was extremely irritating and obnoxious, but I can see why she won the Oscar for the performance she gave during that time period. Bacall's character was a bit helpless and meek at times, but I did like her wardrobe. I'd recommend seeing this film if you enjoy melodramas, beautiful cinematography, and vibrant colors.


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