Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Alone: Close Up View

This past weekend, I went on a little trip to Winnetka, Illinois. I needed a break from studying, which seems to be consuming my life. Good news is that I graduate in a few weeks, so then working will end up consuming my life, but at least I'll be paid for that! The ride to Winnetka was beautiful, the sky had cleared up and the city and lake shore look incredible in the shining sun.

Being a huge fan of basically anything that John Hughes was involved with, I was excited to see the neighborhood. The Home Alone house and the house in Uncle Buck are actually located on the same street, but in different suburbs that are right next to each other. It's easy to find the location of the houses because of Google. We also passed through Evanston, which is the suburb where Sixteen Candles was filmed, as well as Uncle Buck.

Once we got to Winnetka, we found the house right away and parked outside of it. It's a very nice house, as are the other houses in the neighborhood. I thought that the house would have been taller up close, but I think it appeared taller in the movie because of the angles it was filmed at. I took a couple pictures of it, which can be seen below:

We ended up going and ringing the doorbell of the house. The owner answered the door and we asked him a few questions. He was extremely nice and told us a lot of information. Billy was interested in whether the owners already had the treehouse that was in the film, but we were told that it was made for the movie. He pointed across the street to show us the Murphy's house, where Kevin runs to near the end of the film and gets caught by Harry and Marv. He then gestured to the house next door to him and said it was the old man's house and explained that the front of that house had been changed. We didn't recognize it and we were surprised at how large it appeared! It looks massive up close! I would have taken pictures of these other houses, but my phone was about to die. It was a spontaneous choice to go look at the house after we went out for dinner, so maybe I'll go another time and be ready to take pictures.


Tom said...

That's cool that the owner took the time to talk with you guys. I always liked the movie but never was out there to see the house. Also you must be real excited about graduation coming up.

Kalli said...

Tom: Yeah, the guy was incredibly nice. I wonder how many people end up asking him questions? I am excited about graduation. I'll miss the people I've met, but I'm excited for new things to come!

Tom said...

Hooray! Kallim, are you at Columbia College?! My cousin goes there.

Kalli said...

Tom: No, I'm at DePaul. I know people who go to Columbia though.

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