Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Day 4: Heathers (1988)

Heathers is like Mean Girls with a twist of something horrific and awesomely terrible. I love witty black comedies. I recently discovered Heathers, having barely been alive when it was first released. I think it was released the same month that I was born into this world. Oh, how I have missed out over the years. Heathers is blissfully bitchy, with stellar comebacks. It's a spectacular comedy turned into an insane nightmare.

Heather number one and JD are what make this movie frightening. Imagine the meanest person you know and multiply it by infinity, that is Heather Chandler, the most popular girl in school. Think of James Dean mixed with a bit of River Phoenix and the Joker, that is JD. Both have very different perceptions of what life is meant to be about, but each opinion is terrifying.

Heather Chandler thinks life is about being the most powerful person in the room. In order to be the most powerful, you must be the most conniving and brutally mean person on the planet. Bullying is power! If you do not bully people for no reason, then you are a loser. You most certainly will NOT be popular, ever! However, if you follow everything she says, then you are SO very. Boo, Heather, boo! You are not very! I am impressed by your clothing and the amount of the profanity you use in the majority of your sentences.

Veronica is my favorite character in the film. She is tied into both the Heather world and the JD world. I understand the appeal of the JD world. He is mysterious, brilliant, and more about making the world a better place. However, his idea of making the world a better place is killing people that make it seem a bit worse. Clearly, that is a psychotic thinking process. Why do sociopaths have to be so good looking? It's just not fair.

I could watch Heathers every single day and not get sick of it. It is funny, it is weird, and the characters are so intriguing. JD ended up terrifying me by the end of the movie. I felt ashamed for finding him so attractive! Of course, the movie is not meant to be taken seriously. It truly is a black comedy and focused on dark, witty humor. The quotes are very memorable, but some are not meant to be written in a blog in case children happen to be reading it. Check out Heathers to find out what I'm talking about! You probably won't regret it!


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