Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days of Horror: Day 5: Cat People (1942)

I watched a strange movie the other day, it was called Cat People. It gave me the weirdest dream about my parents being animal hoarders, sick! I'm not sure which was more messed up. They might have been tied.

Cat People focuses on the marriage between an American man and a Serbian woman. He meets the woman when she as it the zoo sketching panthers. He instantly falls for her and the two quickly get married. This guy doesn't even know that the woman he has married will never kiss him, due to her fear of becoming an evil cat if she does so. Of course, being married, the man expects some things to occur and now that he knows kissing is out of the picture, so is basically everything else. However, the woman insists that it's not because she's an extreme prude, it's because of a Serbian curse. The curse will turn her into a bloodthirsty panther if kisses a man.

Of course, the woman seems to be coming up with some weird explanations for not wanting to be with her new husband. This leads to the man falling for another woman, which causes his wife to become a bit upset. Since she is upset, she becomes a bit mental and decides to follow her husband's supposed lover. Eventually, everyone starts to realize that the Serbian woman is a cuckcoo-boo. Is it her fault though?

This movie gave me a good laugh at first, until it gave me a psychotic nightmare about hoarding. Becoming a bloodthirsty cat is nothing to joke about! It's terrible! Watch this during the hour of the wolf (witching hour) and I assure you, it will freak you out!


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