Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Has Returned

I love this time of the year, despite the cooler weather. I can't wait for apples to be in season and they will be soon. Apple crisp is the best dessert EVER created. The sweet apples mixed with the spicy cinnamon, white sugar, and oatmeal is soooo delicious! 

What I'm looking forward to most about autumn is the month of October! Why? Well, because that will be the time when I watch a horror movie or something related to horror, such as the haunted house stories and haunted attraction segments on the Travel Channel, every single day of the month. I love it! I kind of want to start watching all horror movies already, but I'll try to wait it out! Unless I decide to make my horror movie marathon last for over a month. I'm reading a horror novel right now called Ghosts, so maybe that will be enough horror until October...


Snow White Archive said...

I feel the same way. This time of year always starts me thinking about ghost stories and such.

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