Saturday, September 3, 2011

Le Corbeau (The Raven) (1943)

Have you ever been a recipient of a 'poison-pen' letter? A cryptic letter that has been sent to you anonymously in order to insult you, frighten you, or accuse you of committing a terrible or vicious deed?  I sure hope not because that'd be awful! Can you imagine if everyone in your town was sent one of these by an anonymous source? I bet it would cause a lot of tension, suspicion, and fear to be felt by everyone involved.

'Le Corbeau' is about a town's society's attack by an anonymous and cruel poison pen writer. The writer has been sending out letters to everyone in town, degrading some and exposing others darkest secrets. No one is safe from the poison pen's venomous messages and everybody is a suspect. Why is one of the town's citizens so intent on defaming everyone living there? Do they like causing chaos, fear, and tragedy to strike and destroy lives? Why would anyone like to cause these issues? No one but the poison pen writer him or herself knows the answers to these questions.

This film is an excellent 'whodunnit' thriller. I changed my mind a couple times about who I thought the culprit was and you all know how much I love a mystery. A lot happens throughout the film that allows you to keep guessing until the end. This makes for a fun and intriguing film viewing experience. If you haven't watched this film already, please do. I highly doubt that you will be disappointed by it.


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