Monday, September 5, 2011

The Killing (1956)

When I think of Stanley Kubrick, I don't usually think of film noir and crime. I think more about The Shining and A Clockwork Orange, but that's all changing now. The Killing is one of the best heist films that I have seen. I can't believe I knew basically nothing about it until I watched it on instant.

The Killing is about a group of crooks who plan and execute a dangerous racetrack robbery. The amount of planning they do is very detailed and precise. However, things get complicated when one man's wife gets involved and a little dog accidently intervenes.

I love watching films that involve a lot of scheming. I have to watch to find out if the schemers are going to be caught or if all of them will actually get away with the heist. Even if the crooks do get caught, it's still interesting to see what they get away with up until that point. The ones in this film get away with quite a lot, it's pretty impressive to see.

This film requires your attention at all times. If you must take a break to go get a snack or a glass of water or whatever, be sure to pause it! I guarantee that you will miss a piece of the puzzle if you do this, so don't do it!


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