Tuesday, September 13, 2011

True Blood: And When I Die

Vampires are the most interesting undead creatures, in my opinion. They aren't brain dead like zombies; they are improved versions of their human-selves. They are stronger, quicker, more attractive, and possess special abilities and heightened senses. Of course, there are some versions of vampires out there that don't fit this description entirely, such as Vampire Count Orlok who is frightfully unattractive and spooky, but the majority of them do fit this description. True Blood vampires, Bela Lugusi's Dracula, Anne Rice vampires, and Stephen King's Salem Lot vampires are all awesome vampires. All of these vampires would brutally pulverize Edward Cullen and his fellow sparkly vampire clan.

True Blood first started in the summer of 2008 on HBO. The first time I watched an episode, I was a bit overwhelmed with everything. As most of you probably know, HBO isn't afraid to show, do, or say anything and Season 1 is full of gore and it's pretty intense to watch. I also didn't watch the first episode at that time, so I didn't know what was happening in the story line. I decided that I had to start from the beginning and that's when I was hooked. Sookie and Bill's first encounter is all it took. I was just as intrigued by Bill as Sookie was! Although, she was mainly intrigued by Bill because she couldn't hear his thoughts. Being telepathic would seriously suck most of the time. I also liked the story line and how vampires were first being let 'out of the coffin' into the human society, trying to be considered equals instead of monsters.

Season 2 is fantastic as well. The vampires and Sookie are dealing with a religious cult in this season and the cult is determined to rid the world of vampires forever. We are introduced to a Maenad in this season. It's definitely something that you never want to come into contact with, unless you are in the mood for blacking out or being forced to feel excruciating pain, which I highly doubt any of you are. This season also focuses more on what a shape shifter is, which I won't go too much into because it's much more fun to learn about it in the show.

Season 3 is a bit of a let down. Too many different story lines are happening and it would have been better to not have introduced them all at the same time. However, it mainly focuses on the insanity and pure evilness of the vampire Russell Edgington. Russell sees himself as being far above the human race and the majority of vampires. He's not the kind of guy that you would ever want to come into contact with because he will most likely brutally torture and murder you. Werewolves and Were-Panthers are introduced during this season as well. The majority of the werewolves are extra-strong and ferocious due to their drug addiction to V, which is vampire blood. Alcide, however, is an amazing werewolf, very sweet and handsome.

Season 4 was absolutely fantastic. I think it matched Season 1 as being the best season of True Blood thus far. The main villain this season is Marnie, a Wiccan obsessed with power and destroying the vampire race. She is a meek and harmless person until she becomes possessed by the spirit of a witch who was tortured by vampires during her lifetime. Marnie ends up being more frightening and more chemically imbalanced than the Maenad and Russell.


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