Friday, August 19, 2011

Ansiktet: The Magician (1958)

Ingmar Bergman made so many spectacular films, it's amazing. I watched The Magician recently and it's fantastic. The characters are interesting. The acting is fabulous as well, especially from the brilliant Max von Sydow. Is there any movie where Max isn't absolutely incredible? I highly doubt it.

The Magician is a film about Emanuel Vogler and his traveling 'Magnetic Health Theater.' There are reports of a variety of supernatural disturbances related to their performances, so the leading townspeople in the town that they are traveling have requested to see their show before allowing them to show it to the public. The townspeople, particularly Dr. Vergerus, is skeptical of Volger and his crew and intends on exposing them as charlatans. However, something occurs and it seems that Dr. Vergerus is in for quite a shock. 

This film is definitely worth watching. Not only for Max von Sydow's stellar performance, but also for some comical scenes, other well-acted performances, and spectacular scenes of illusion versus reality. I just can't get enough of Ingmar Bergman lately! 


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