Sunday, August 14, 2011

L'eclisse (1962)

I recently watched L'eclisse. It wasn't until after I watched it that I realized that it's the last part of the unofficial "Incommunicability Trilogy" developed by Michelangelo Antonioni. The other two parts of this trilogy include L'avventura (1960) and La notte (1961).

L'eclisse is a film about relationships and how they can go from fantastic to absolutely awful at any moment. After a terrible night with her soon to be husband, Vittoria breaks off her engagement to him. The next day, she goes downtown to visit her mother who is obsessed with the stock market. On the day that the stock market crashes, Vittoria meets a handsome man, Piero, who is a stock broker. The two start seeing each other, but it is evident that their love affair may not last long due to Piero's materialistic lifestyle.

I love the use of architecture in this film. It is used to symbolize the relationship between Vittoria and Piero as it progresses throughout the film.


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