Friday, August 12, 2011

All That Heaven Allows (1955)

I watched my second Douglas Sirk film and I liked it much more than the first one I watched. Written on the Wind (1956) was a little too over-the-top for me in the melodrama department. All That Heaven Allows is melodramatic, but not to the point where it bothers me. The melodrama was necessary because it was a tragedy and a romance all wrapped into one!

All That Heaven Allows is about an upper-class widowed woman, Cary Scott, who after being lonely and sad since her husband's death, ends up falling in love with a younger, handsome, and very kind, Ron Kirby, who happens to trim and grow trees for a living. The romance between the two is very sweet, but in the eyes of her shallow, country club going peers, the romance should not be allowed to exist because Ron is younger and not as wealthy as Cary's deceased husband. Even her own son and daughter are against the union between Cary and Ron and both let her know that they don't want her to marry him. Will she sacrifice her love and happiness with Ron in order to please her children and friends or will she marry the man she loves? Watch to find out.

I was very drawn in by the romance in this film. I found Cary's so-called friends to be completely disgusting people. I mean, come on! The poor woman is finally happy again and with someone who truly loves her back! They should have all been extremely happy for her instead of gossiping, belittling, and starting rumors about her, as well as Ron! Her kids were even worse than her friends. Both of them acted like selfish little idiots! I love that Ron doesn't care what anyone else thinks about his romance with Cary. He only cares about Cary's happiness.


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