Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday: Ingrid Bergman

Happy Birthday to one of the best actresses ever, the fabulous Ingrid Bergman! I love Ingrid! She was fantastic in every film that she was in. I honestly can't think of one where she hasn't been awesome.

What I like most about Ingrid is that she always fully put herself into her roles. By doing so, she made her characters seem real and full of life. Any emotion that Ingrid's characters are feeling, whether it's happiness, sadness, anger, or fear,  you too will be feeling that emotion. It's no wonder that she won 3 Oscars!

Today is also a sad day for Ingrid Bergman fans. Ingrid passed away on August 29, 1982, which was her 67th birthday. However, I don't think she'd want us to feel sad that she died on her birthday. She'd want us to celebrate her life and enjoy her movies! I don't understand why TCM doesn't declare August 29 as Ingrid Bergman Day, they really should. August 29 is Ingrid Bergman Day for all of her fans.


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