Monday, August 22, 2011

Mala Noche (1986)

Mala Noche seems like it's Gus Van Sant's test run for My Own Private Idaho. However, My Own Private Idaho is much more well-developed and interesting than Mala Noche.

Mala Noche is a film about a man, Walt, who is obsessed with a young illegal Mexican immigrant named Johnny. Walt thinks Johnny is the most gorgeous and amazing guy he's ever seen. He lusts after him and hopes that Johnny will reciprocate his feelings. However, Johnny doesn't speak any English and finds Walt to be extremely boring and completely undesirable.

I didn't think Mala Noche was all that great of a film. It starts off being interesting, but then it goes no where. While watching the film, I found Walt became progressively more irritating and invasive; I felt bad for Johnny. I also felt bad for Walt because he just was not catching on to the fact that Johnny wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. Johnny is annoying as well; if you don't like Walt, then fine, just don't hang out with him or lead him on. Come on now.


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