Saturday, December 18, 2010

25 Days of Holiday Classics: Edward Scissorhands: Day 10

I've definitely been falling behind on my 25 days and I'm sorry for that. As of yesterday, I've been diagnosed with a stress fracture on my lumbar. I slipped and fell on the ice on Saturday night, the same night that I was robbed, and apparently the fall caused me a stress fracture. Good news is, it's only a stress fracture. It could have been way worse if I did a clean break in that area. I've got some pain meds for the nighttime, so that I can actually sleep. My back feels awful when I sit and lie down. I'll be fine though.

I classify Edward Scissorhands (1990) as a necessary Christmas movie to watch. Sure, the movie can be watched at other times, but that doesn't mean it's not also a Christmas movie. I love this movie. Edward is one of my favorite made up characters ever. He is so awkward and sweet. It's awful how much of an outcast he is, but it's not surprising. Suburban neighborhoods tend to hold people who become part of a social bubble. A newcomer can disturb it for a while, but once the neighborhood decides that the newcomer cannot be a part of their bubble, then the newcomer will be pushed out. Edward was better off without those nutcases anyway. Of course, there were some people who weren't really a part of the bubble, so they noticed the greatness of Edward.

This film is a necessary watch. I think it is one of Tim Burton's best films, if not the best one. I like the strangeness, humor, romance, and quirkiness of this film. The score is amazing and really adds to the atmosphere of the film as a whole, I especially like Ice Dance, Storytime, and The Cookie Factory. Danny Elfman always creates imaginative scores. I also love the story of Edward and the score goes along with his character development. The acting in this film is superb. Vincent Price is perfect as the Inventor. Johnny Depp is perfect as Edward. Who couldn't love Alan Arkin and Dianne Weist as the parents in this film? If you haven't watched this film before, then what have you been thinking?! Watch it now!


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