Sunday, December 5, 2010

25 Days of Holiday Classics: Pluto's Christmas Tree: Day 5

Today would have been Walt Disney's 109th birthday, so it's only fitting that I talk about another Disney classic. Pluto's Christmas Tree (1952) is a short, but sweet little Christmas tale. Pluto helps Mickey pick out a Christmas tree. He's very excited about it and when Chip and Dale see him, they start making fun of him. This angers Pluto and he tries to run after them, but the two chipmunks hide in a tree, which ends up being the tree that Mickey chops down. Chip and Dale love the Christmas tree decorations and love looking at all of them. It isn't until Pluto notices that the two are hiding in the tree that things start to get a bit crazy.


Tom said...

This is a good one. I watched this one on TV in the 80s, when it showed with Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Kalli said...

I remember seeing it on VHS when I was younger, but in the 90s. I feel kind of bad for Pluto in it, but it's still funny and cute.

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