Saturday, December 18, 2010

25 Days of Holiday Classics: Home Alone Lost in New York: Day 11

While not as good as the first Home Alone movie, Lost in New York (1992) is still a holiday classic. Kevin is basically ditched at the O'Hare airport by his family after they are rushing to get on a plane to Florida. This causes him to accidently board the wrong airplane because he follows a man he thinks is his dad. Once Kevin lands and realizes that he is in New York City instead of Florida with his family, he's very excited. Christmas without snow and Christmas trees just isn't the same in his opinion and he was being treated poorly by his family as usual, so being alone in New York City seems fantastic to him. 

Kevin books himself a hotel room and uses his dad's credit card to pay for it. He enjoys himself going around the city, watching movies, and ordering room service. However, his perfect vacation comes to a close once he runs in to the Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv, again. He finds out that the two are plotting to rob a toy store, Duncan's Toy Chest. Having shopped there, Kevin knows that the money from Duncan's Toy Chest is meant to be donated to a children's hospital. He cannot and will not allow Harry and Marv to steal this money, so he comes up with a plan to prevent them from doing so. Of course, his plan involves a bunch of booby traps for Harry and Marv to get plummeted by. Will Kevin succeed in taking down Harry and Marv's despicable plan? Watch to find out. 

I like this movie because it's funny. Again, he seems to be the only one in his family who understands the true meaning of Christmas. He makes friends with a pigeon lady that everyone rejects because she seems scary and strange because she's always hanging out with pigeons. Also, donates some of his money to Duncan's Toy Chest when he learns that it's going to be donated to a children's hospital. Furthermore, he does whatever he can to stop Harry and Marv from ruining Mr. Duncan's toy store and stealing the money that is being donated. Kevin is definitely kind and selfless, his family should treat him better. 


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