Sunday, December 19, 2010

25 Days of Holiday Classics: The Santa Clause: Day 14

My family and I have to watch The Santa Clause (1994) together every year. It's been a tradition since we saw it in theaters. We love it because it's funny and it reminds you of what it was like being a kid and how exciting Christmas was then. The movie is about a divorced man, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen), who hasn't really been able to enjoy time with his son, Charlie. His ex-wife, Laura, drops off Charlie on Christmas Eve and she informs him that Charlie is a bit upset because he has been told that Santa is not real. Scott feels he is too young to have been told this, so he tries to tell him that Santa is real, which just causes an argument to start up between him and Laura. The two stop bickering once Charlie points out that they are always fighting. Laura decides it is time for her to leave and tells Charlie that she will pick him up the next morning. It is clear that Charlie rather go home with his mom and her new guy Neil, but she tells him he'll have a good time and leaves.

Once she leaves, Scott messes up the turkey dinner, so he and Charlie have to go out to Denny's. Clearly, the two aren't having the best bonding time. Once the two get home from dinner, Scott puts Charlie to bed and reads him a bedtime story, The Night Before Christmas. Thinking Charlie is asleep, he stops reading all of it, but Charlie begins asking him a bunch of questions about the story. Scott tells him its just a story and just to go to bed.

During the night, there is a loud sound on the roof. Upon hearing it, Charlie rushes in to wake up his dad. Scott goes outside to investigate the problem and tells Charlie to stay inside and to call 911 if there are any problems. Once he's outside, Scott notices that there is someone on the roof. He calls to the man, which startles the guy and causes him to fall off the roof and die. Charlie comes outside after this and notices that it is Santa. Scott is completely confused by the entire situation. A ladder shows up and both Charlie and Scott go up and find a huge sleigh with reindeer. Charlie talks Scott into putting the Santa suit on and the two end up delivering packages to every house that the reindeers take them to. At the end, the reindeer take them back to the North Pole.

The next morning, Scott is still confused about what happened during the night. Did Santa really fall off the roof? Has he, Scott Calvin, really been magically recruited as the new Santa Claus? Charlie certainly thinks so and he is really excited about it. Strange things start to happen to Scott and his body gradually transforms itself into a chubby Santa Claus like body. This worries Laura and Neil, who decide to take custody away from Scott, thinking that they are protecting Charlie. They even end up getting him arrested on Christmas night. Will he be able to escape jail and deliver all of the presents to all of the children around the world by the end of the night? Will Laura and Neil realize and accept the truth about Scott being Santa Claus? Watch and find out.


Tom said...

What about Parts 2 and 3? Are they good?

Kalli said...

They weren't entirely awful, but I really don't care for them. The first Santa Clause is my only love out of the three of them.

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